Our Lord to bring us joy

Our Lord to bring us joy,
First trod the path of sor-row;
Let woe no faith des-troy,
But wait on Heav-en's mor-row.
Trust-ing we go where he has gone,
know-ing that af-ter the dark comes dawn.

Our hope be ne-ver spent,
Our cour-age ev-er stead-y.
Our souls on heav-en bent,
for high ad-ven-ture read-y.
Pray-ing we wait to hear his call,
Heed-ing his voice what e'er be-fall.

We jour-ney with-out fear,
And rest in our Lord's prom-ise,
As long as He is near,
No trial can o-ver-come us.
Know-ing our wounds are not in vain;
For East-er's joy, fol-lows Cal-v'ry's pain


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